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How Penta Hotels leveraged THN’s Form Builder to better understand guest needs

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Time period: 2 weeks






were completed by online visitors

Penta Hotels, a contemporary hotel brand with over 20 locations in Europe and Asia, offers a modern, relaxed setting for both leisure and business travelers. Known for its unique interior design and guest-focused approach, Penta Hotels emphasizes innovation and exceptional experiences, both online and offline. 

Given the team’s dedication to providing a superior experience to their guests, they set out to discover which offers would help them reach this goal. In order to determine the best packages to present on their direct website, who better to ask than their guests themselves? 

Their goals were straightforward:

  • Identify the ideal packages that will incentivize their guests to book directly
  • Generate future direct bookings from website visitors

The Solution

Through their partnership with The Hotels Network (THN), Penta Hotels effectively engaged online visitors using the Form Builder tool.

Customized website forms allowed visitors to express interest in various package components, incentivized by a €5 gift voucher for future bookings.

The responses provided Penta Hotels with valuable insights to tailor packages and offers to customer preferences, while encouraging visitors to use their gift vouchers to make bookings. 

What form was displayed?

Form displayed on the homepage


Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 10.07.08 AM


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