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Silken Hotels and Condes Hotels: How They Increased Web Conversion of Their Paid Traffic by 31% In 2 Months

Discover what actions Spanish brands Silken Hotels and Condes Hotels conducted to bolster direct bookings from paid traffic.


Silken Hoteles y Condes Hotels: cómo aumentaron en 2 meses un 31% la conversión web de su tráfico de pago

Discover las acciones que tomaron Silken Hoteles y Condes Hotels sobre su tráfico de pago para incrementar sus reservas directas.


Parkhotel Adler

Hear how Parkhotel Adler achieved a 20% conversion rate on guests they almost lost.

Penta Hotels

Discover the 6-stage process that Penta Hotels followed to drive growth across their direct channel.

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Check out how Hard Rock Hotel Maldives set an effective Rock & Roll Hotel Voucher strategy.

Email Capture

See examples of how hotels around the world are utilizing a customizable Email Capture tool to grow their marketing database.

Hastings Hotels

Read about how Hastings Hotels saved 48% in promotional costs while driving additional direct bookings during COVID-19.


Dusit International

Discover how the iconic brand increased hotel website conversions by more than 50%.


Tortue Hamburg (Design Hotel)

How TORTUE HAMBURG found the right balance between direct and third-party bookings.

North Star Hotel

A collaborative study with GuestJoy using combined data to explore the relationship between direct channel bookings and online guest engagement.

Summer Hotels

How SUMMER HOTELS show the right message at the right time to maximize direct booking revenue.


Summer Hotels (FR)

Comment SUMMER HOTELS a su diffuser le bon message, au bon moment afin de maximiser le revenu de leurs réservations directes.