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Enter the Summer Season on Your Hotel Website

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The Ultimate Hotel Benchmarking Checklist

Download our checklist to understand which hotel direct channel metrics you need to evaluate, and uncover how to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Top 9 Hotel Marketing Trends for 2022

Discover the top 9 hotel marketing you should be aware and how to take advantage of them to make your hotel business more successful.

10 Direct Channel KPIs Every Hotelier Needs to Know

Learn about a brand-new KPI framework that explains the key direct channel metrics you should be focusing on when benchmarking your hotel brand’s performance.


Los 10 KPIs del canal directo que todo hotelero debería saber

Descubre los 10 KPIs del canal que todo hotelero debería tener en cuenta para analizar el rendimiento de su canal directo.


Creative Hotel Campaigns to Capture your Domestic Market
Get some inspiration for this summer to help boost your creativity and attract local travelers to your property.
A Benchmarking Journey to Grow your Direct Bookings

Discover real examples of how our hotel clients are using BenchDirect's direct channel insights to step up their direct channel strategy.

La ruta de Benchmarking para aumentar tus reservas directas

Descubre qué métricas de BenchDirect analizar y qué acciones tomar para mejorar el rendimiento de tu canal directo.


Hotel Website Messaging Design Guide

Discover some tips and tricks for creating an optimal hotel website design that will create the right first impression and boost your hotel's direct bookings.

Ready for Recovery? Your Direct Booking Action Plan

Find actionable tips to reshape your direct booking strategy and help your hotel recovery until the end of the year and beyond.

¿Listo para la recuperación hotelera? Plan de acción para aumentar las reservas directas
Descubre las mejores estrategias para remodelar la experiencia de los visitantes online para impulsar las reservas directas y llevar a tu hotel hacia el camino de la recuperación.
Plan d'action pour vos réservations directes - Remettez votre hôtel sur pied en cette fin d'année !
Découvrez des conseils et stratégies innovantes  vous permettant de redéfinir votre stratégie de réservation directe et aider votre hôtel à se rétablir jusqu'à la fin de l'année et au-delà.
Hotel Reopening Strategies to Engage With Guests Online

Discover different actionable direct channel strategies that you can use to recover bookings and engage with your guests as you reopen.

Estrategias online para la reapertura hotelera

Ahora que estamos en la fase de reapertura hotelera, descubre las estrategias más efectivas para conectar con tus visitantes y recuperar tus reservas directas.

Strategie di riapertura dell'hotel per fidelizzare i clienti online

Ora che siamo nella fase di riapertura dell'hotel, scopri le strategie più efficaci per connetterti con i tuoi visitatori e recuperare le tue prenotazioni dirette.

Hotel Quick Response Tactics in Tough Times

Explore how you can optimize your direct channel with Hotel quick response tactics to bounce back and recover direct bookings during tough times.

Recupera tus reservas directas en situaciones difíciles

En momentos de baja demanda, descubre cómo optimizar tu canal directo para recuperar tus reservas.

Risposte rapide ed efficaci in tiempi difficili
Risposte rapide ed efficaci in tempi difficili. Recupera le prenotazioni dirette.

Cattura le prenotazioni dal traffico esistente senza investire di più in campagne di marketing.

50 ideas para aumentar la conversión web de tu hotel

Completa este cuestionario para entender la situación actual de la web de tu hotel. No preocupes por dejar preguntas en blanco… ¡te servirán como inspiración para mejorar tu estrategia y hacer despegar tus reservas directas!


Stay True to Your Brand Image

See here how other luxury brands have increased engagement and maximised on their brand image

Communicating Time-Sensitive Messages on Your Website

See how other hoteliers reassure visitors when it matters by publishing timely messages on their websites.

Selling Your Last Available Room

Explore effective personalization techniques used throughout the booking funnel that help hoteliers close those last sales.

Dayketing: How to Leverage Special Dates on Your Website

Spot the golden opportunity of Dayketing and see how hotel brands are strategically taking advantage of specific dates.

Leveraging Guest Reviews to Inspire Trust

Find out the most effective ways to keep your visitors on your website and to convince them that your property is the right fit for their stay.

Ensure Your Visitors Come Back… and Convert

Most people are not ready to book a room on the first visit to your hotel website. Sometimes visitors need a little nudge in the right direction to come back and book direct.

32 idées inspirantes de personnalisation pour augmenter vos conversions
Découvrez des techniques de personnalisation web qui peuvent être mises en pratique efficacement tout au long du funnel de conversion afin de générer davantage de réservations directes.
33 Personalization Terms Every Hotelier Needs to Know

Become a personalization expert and ensure you are putting the right message in front of the right customer.

33 términos de personalización web que todo hotelero debería saber
Conviértete en un experto de la personalización web y asegúrate de que estás mostrando en todo momento el mensaje correcto a cada usuario. DESCARGAR
33 termes de personnalisation web pour hôtels

Devenez un expert en personnalisation web et assurez-vous de communiquer le bon message, à la bonne personne.

33 Schlüsselbegriffe, die jeder Hotelier kennen sollte

Laden Sie unser Glossar herunter, um eine ganze Sammlung der wichtigsten Ressourcen zu entdecken, mit der Sie die Personalisierungsstrategie Ihrer Hotelwebsite verbessern und Ihre Direktbuchungen noch heute steigern können.