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How Hastings Hotels saved 48% in promotional costs from direct bookings

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Culloden Estate and Spa located in Belfast


Time period: 2 months



savings in promotional spend



extra revenue from low-intent users



influenced bookings

Founded over 50 years ago, Hastings Hotels has developed into Northern Ireland’s premier luxury hotel group.

Similar to countless hotel brands worldwide, the Hastings Hotels commercial team is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to drive additional revenue, in particular during times of low demand or reduced website traffic. They wanted to find a solution to effectively increase their direct booking conversion rate while also keeping spend on discounts, promotions, and paid advertising in check.

"The pandemic has certainly had a big impact on hospitality owners in Ireland and so it was important to think outside the box and test new initiatives such as Predictive Personalization. The implementation was simple and fast, with the team at THN helping us to set up the campaign, while Predictive Personalization took care of the rest. Looking at the numbers, it is clear that having Predictive Personalization onboard helped to strengthen our direct booking results at a time when demand was particularly low."

Julie Hastings
Director at Hastings Hotels

The Solution

To help stimulate their recovery, the brand completed a 2-month trial period of THN’s Predictive Personalization tool to generate more direct bookings while optimizing ROI. With a focus on visitors with a low likelihood to convert, Hastings Hotels aimed to reduce their promotional spend despite facing one of the most challenging situations the hospitality industry has ever confronted.


Download the full PDF to discover the full story.

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Offer to Low-Intent Users

The Smart Note, displayed on the booking engine, showcased a 10% off secret sale to encourage low-intent users to book. It was only shown to those users with a 0 to 40% probability of completing a reservation and who were in Group A of the A/B test (low intent users in Group B did not see the Smart Note). By presenting the discount using a one-click promocode format, Hastings Hotels were able to ensure that the discount could only be applied to that booking and not be shared with other visitors.

Shows a smart note on a hotel website booking engine saying: Secret Sale: Book today with a 10% OFF. Click here to apply your offer!Smart note on the booking engine

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