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How SUMMER HOTELS show the right message at the right time to maximize direct booking revenue

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Time period: 1 month



increase in revenue



increase in average length of stay

Known for their unique & memorable experiences at their collection of boutique hotels, Summer Hotels continues to thrive & has ambitious growth plans set in place for the upcoming years. With that in mind, they have been focusing on developing a on-brand yet personalized online user experience, working closely with The Hotels Network to build a refined direct booking strategy.

"Despite testing this new strategy during our low season period, the results are very satisfactory and encouraging. We definitely believe in the power of personalization and how this can help us achieve our expansion goals."

Perrine Benoit
Marketing and Communications Director at Summer Hotels

The Solution

The Hotels Network made key recommendations to optimize the hotel group websites, aligned with the brand’s strategy of delivering a unique and engaging booking experience.


The Tools

Welcoming guests in a personalized way

Whenever a guest enters the website, a customized welcome layer is showcased for that specific property. The message is personalized based on the user’s location to completely fit the guests’ needs and to grab their attention.

Capturing last-minute bookings

Targeted exclusively to users who are looking for accommodation on the same day, this powerful message guarantees that they are always offering the best deal.

Encouraging longer stays

When a user is looking to spend five or more nights at a property, an exclusive deal is showcased within the booking engine to push for users to book that extra night.

Communicating offers effectively

Inliners were embedded seamlessly within their Booking Engine, displaying fully customizable content without the worry of overburdening the user experience.


Download the full PDF to discover the full story and some examples of the campaigns that were launched.

Download PDF

Welcoming guests in a personalized wayWelcoming guests in a personalized way


Capturing last-minute bookings & Encouraging longer staysCapturing last-minute bookings and encouraging longer stays

Communicating offers effectivelyCommunicating offers effectively

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