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How hotels around the globe are effectively growing their marketing database 

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More emails, more engagement


623 leads

in 3 months | Slieve Donard Resort and Spa

560 leads

Carneros Resort and Spa

100 leads

in 1 month | Elite Hotels of Sweden

80 leads

in 40 hours | Amerikalinjen

59 leads

in 22 days | Hotel Zeitgeist

Equally as important to any other type of business, email marketing presents a great opportunity for hotels to increase visibility, and to proactively reach out to their audience organically without having to invest heavily in promotional costs. Just as many hotels are putting in the effort to grow their following on social channels, building and nurturing a strong community of potential guests for future marketing actions is a powerful move many may still be overlooking.

To retain the interest of direct bookers while opening the door to be able to cultivate these relationships through email marketing, hotels need to have a method of collecting opt-in emails directly on the website that fit smoothly within the overall booking experience.

"We wanted to target a certain type of guest with a relevant message to nudge them further down the booking funnel, and THN’s Email Capture tool enabled us to do exactly so. Taking advantage of the flexible targeting options, we were able to show the right message to the right people at the right time."

Erica Stigerud
Head of Online & Digital

The Solution

No email marketing strategy would perform without a substantial contact base to work from. To help hotel brands reach this goal, The Hotels Network (THN) has developed a comprehensive Email Capture solution within their direct channel growth platform.

With this new addition, hotels can create a personalized Email Capture message on any page of the hotel website. Thanks to an interactive results Dashboard, marketing teams can analyze and optimize performance.

Discover some examples of how THN’s hotel clients have taken advantage of this tool to build and grow their marketing database by downloading the case study.

Download PDF

Targeted Layer shown to returning website visitorsTargeted Layer shown to returning website visitors

Exit message to grab the attention of users about to leave the booking engineExit message to grab the attention of users about to leave the booking engine

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