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How Elite Hotels of Sweden increased website conversion by 65% from metasearch traffic

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Elite Hotels RR



Time period: 2 month


on average for metasearch traffic conversions

The Hotels Network and Marketing Services by DerbySoft teamed up to bring qualified metasearch traffic to the hotels' direct channel and boost conversion rates.

The teams decided to carry out the study in conjunction with Elite Hotels of Sweden, the largest family-owned hotel chain in Sweden.

Test Design

Using THN's Personalization features, the team conducted an A/B test, displaying tailored messages at key steps of the booking process to improve the user experience and increase conversion.  Paid metasearch traffic landing on Elite Hotels website was divided into 2 groups:

Group A
Group A was shown a combination of messages using THN's personalization tools to optimize each stage of the booking process.
Control Group
Control Group saw the brand's existing website experience, without any personalization.

A/B Test

The brand conducted an A/B test to validate the conversion power of personalization. During the rollout of the test, the brand had various on-going campaigns, therefore the messages displayed to Group A were adapted depending on the season.


  • Autumn Campaign

Exit message reinforcing autumn offer - EliteHotelsExit message reinforcing autumn offer


Download the PDF to discover the full story.

Download PDF

What messages were displayed?

  • Mid-season Campaign & Winter Campaign

Campaigns active during the A-B test depending on the season - EliteHotels


Campaigns active during the A/B test depending on the season


  • Special Member's Week Offer

Offers for members vs non-members - EliteHotels

Offers for members vs non-members

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