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Target high-value visitors using AI in your hotel's remarketing campaigns

Predictive Audiences leverages cutting-edge machine learning techniques to create high-value audience segments, leading to higher ROAS and lower CPAs.


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How Predictive Audiences work?



- 1 -

Automatically identify high-value visitors

Predictive Audiences leverages AI to understand user behavior and create high-value audiences




- 2 -

Target your ads to boost conversions

Then uses these audiences to optimize bidding and conversion rates without increasing ad spend


4 algorithms


Discover four hospitality-specific predictive algorithms 

THN's predictive algorithms understand user search intent like never before, allowing you to effortlessly launch retargeting campaigns focused on high-value users. 

Enhance your campaigns with behavioral targeting

Take your hotel's remarketing efforts to the next level by combining predictive algorithms with behavioral targeting. Consider leveraging factors such as stay dates, travel party, CRM data, and more.





Get more direct bookings without increasing your budget

Increase your direct revenue without investing a single cent more. By focusing ad spend on visitors who are more likely to convert or spend more, you will reduce overall CPA.

Enjoy a swift and seamless setup

With its plug and play implementation, activation couldn't be easier. Simply connect to your hotel's Google Analytics account, and voilà - you're ready to boost campaign performance!




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