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AI and Hospitality:

What's in store for the hotel industry in 2024

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Generative AI is already reshaping the hospitality industry. This transformation is leading to improved efficiencies, enhanced customer experiences, and innovative solutions. For 2024, hotel guests will navigate a new landscape in their quest for information, moving from traditional search engines to advanced AI-driven platforms.

We teamed up with Vivander Advisors to uncover the key trends that will transform how hotel marketing will function in 2024. Let's dive into...

  • Changing behavior to find information
  • Adapting to shifts in organic traffic and SGE
  • Rising need of contextual advertising

And much more...

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Michael J. GoldrichTHN's Chief Experience Officer  

Michael J. Goldrich, founder and chief advisor of Vivander Advisors, excels in digital and AI strategies, driving transformative growth. His expertise in generative AI establishes him as a prominent figure in this fast-growing field.

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