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A two-way sync.

Data from your hotel's website to your CRM, and vice versa

THN integrates with every CRM system via API, enabling you to capture and leverage guest data to boost direct revenue.


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Hotel website → CRM system

Capture first-party data on your website to grow your marketing database

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Using THN’s Saved Search, Email Capture and Form Builder features, collect valuable information on your website to turn anonymous users into potential guests. The data is delivered seamlessly from your website to your CRM via the API connection.

CRM system → Hotel website

Personalize the website experience using guest data from your CRM

Connect your hotel website with your CRM system to utilize guest profile data such as age, interests, membership level, and booking history to apply advanced targeted rules. You'll be able to provide a truly personalized online experience that increases direct conversions.

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Here are some ways you can leverage guest data in your CRM to enhance the website experience for each user:


  • Give a unique welcome to VIPs
  • Deliver member-only messages
  • Show "stay with us again" messaging for returning guests
  • Adapt images based on interests

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