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Penta Hotels: A successful direct channel growth strategy in 6 stages

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Penta Hotels, a hotel chain re-inventing the hospitality scene by offering the modern-minded traveler of today with neighborhood comfort and style, has taken the initiative of growing their direct bookings through an in-depth 6-step strategy amidst today's fluctuating context.

By testing and utilizing THN's products, Penta Hotels are able to measure the effectiveness of THN's tools and put them into practice with THN's team alongside them every step of the way. Throughout the process, Penta Hotels have increased their direct bookings and conversion rates and continue to make the best out of THN's solution. 

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The results

By adapting their direct booking strategy and website communication in line with the different visitors and circumstances, Penta Hotels experienced a clear improvement in the level of engagement of their website visitors.


Download the full case study to discover how Penta Hotels followed a 6-step direct channel growth road map to improve their strategy and direct booking results. 

Topics include:

  • Trial Phase
  • COVID-19 Messaging
  • On-going Optimization
  • Oraculo Rollout

"Thanks to the innovative solution from THN we have been able to increase our conversion by 25% within days after deployment. Besides to that THN also supports us to inform our website visitors on news about our brand or the neighborhood of our hotels. THN are dynamic and react fast with new solutions, always easiest to deploy and catered to most recent trends."

Heiko Rieder – Vice President Revenue Management & Reservations, Penta Hotels