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Parkhotel Adler: How the hotel brand got a 20% conversion rate on guests they almost lost

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Parkhotel Adler was experiencing one of the best problems any hotelier can face: 100% hotel occupancy, yet a lot of additional demand from potential guests who wanted to stay at the hotel.

Thanks to their partnership with THN, Parkhotel Adler found an easy and effective solution: Form Builder. 

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The results

With form requests being sent straight to the reservation team, the hotel team was able to capture a significant part of the demand of guests that would otherwise have to find an alternative stay, potentially at another hotel.

Download the full case study to discover how Parkhotel Adler leveraged being sold out into a great conversion rate on leads it would have otherwise lost.


Topics include:

  • Parkhotel Adler's challenges and goals for the study

  • THN's solution

  • Strategy results 

  • Ongoing strategy


"We wanted to target a certain type of guest, and THN’s Form Builder tool allowed us to do just that. Taking advantage of the flexible targeting options, we are now able to keep the conversation going with those visitors abandoning our website to ensure they end up staying at our hotel. For us it is always important that processes are simple - not only on the booking side but also on the processing side. The solution is simple and efficient for both the guest and the hotel.”

Daniel Bank – Marketing and Reservations Manager, Parkhotel Adler