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Like in any other business, email marketing in the hotel industry offers great opportunities for visibility and gives the ability to reach their audiences organically without having to invest heavily in promotional costs.

Just as many hotels are putting in the effort to grow their following on social channels, building and nurturing a strong community of potential guests for future marketing actions is a powerful move many may still be overlooking.

For hotels to retain direct bookers and nurture the mutual relationship, an efficient and well-structured opt-in email collection method is an important facet to have. Aimed at enhancing and easing the email collection process for hotels, The Hotels Network has developed a flexible and fully integrated tool, Email Capture, for hotels to efficiently collect emails on their websites of guests or potential guests.

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Hotel Improvements and Experiences

With Email Capture, hotels are able to apply targeting rules and exclusive customizable designs to attract new newsletter subscribers or loyalty club members. An additional dashboard allows hotels to monitor their email performance and outreach. Email Capture has been used by renowned hospitality companies from all around the world, and has been used successfully to enhance their marketing portfolio and innovative ideas.

Throughout the industry, Email Capture has helped hospitality companies push their marketing initiatives to the next level. Download our case study to learn more.


We wanted to target a certain type of guest with a relevant message to nudge them further down the booking funnel, and THN’s Email Capture tool enabled us to do exactly so. Taking advantage of the flexible targeting options, we were able to show the right message to the right people at the right time.

Erica Stigerud - Head of Online & Digital at Elite Hotels of Sweden