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How Dusit International increased hotel website conversions by more than 50% 

Case Study



For over 65 years, Dusit International has been synonymous with world-class hospitality. Committed to strengthening the relationship with guests, the brand wanted to improve the direct booking experience and boost their hotel website conversion rate. Dusit therefore decided to test the direct booking solution offered by The Hotels Network.

A/B Test Results

The A/B test was implemented for 9 of the 29 properties within the Dusit brand. The results showed that by adding the THN tools, the website conversion rate increased by 57.5% on average across the properties in the test. Following the strong A/B test results, Dusit chose to partner with THN and roll out the software.

Download the full case study to hear how The Hotels Network is working with this leading hospitality brand to personalize the user experience for visitors and continually improve the website conversion rate. 

Topics include:

  • Challenges & opportunities
  • Implementation of the solution
  • Price comparison & reviews summary
  • Personalization techniques & dynamic content
  • Roll-out and ongoing optimization

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"Guests today expect perfection from their digital experience. Dusit realizes this and so, in line with our philosophy to exceed guest expectations, we choose to work with the most innovative solutions on the market to make sure we do just that."

Ratchaya Termsilkanok - Corporate Director of Revenue Management