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How Hotel At Six boosted its direct channel conversion by 10% using Predictive Personalization

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Time period: 3 months



Savings in promotional spend



Revenue from low-intent users



Average conversion uplift



Bookings influenced

At Six, part of the esteemed Nordic Hotels & Resorts collection, stands as one of the premier independent luxury hotels in the Nordic region. Nestled in the heart of Stockholm, it epitomizes a new standard of refined elegance. Formerly a bank, the hotel has been transformed into an elegant icon, blending sophistication with a unique twist.

At Six has worked with The Hotels Network since March 2020 to tailor the website experience, engage with visitors, and increase direct bookings. Their latest initiative employs Predictive Personalization to target low-intent users, enticing website visitors who may not have made a booking otherwise. 

What is Predictive Personalization?

It's the concept of leveraging technology to optimize the user experience and increase hotel revenue simultaneously. This unique product follows a two step process comprised of a predictive algorithm, using machine learning, and personalized website campaigns, managed by THN’s experts.

With Predictive Personalization, hotels can easily adapt their commercial strategy on the fly, creating value-targeted campaigns and increasing direct bookings while reducing promotional costs.

A/B Test

In order to assess Predictive Personalization's impact on direct channel conversion, two A/B tests were conducted.

  • Traffic was divided between traffic from Sweden (domestic) and all other countries (international).
  • Low-intent users (0-40% probability of booking) were divided into two groups, Group A and Group B.
  • Group A was shown to the exclusive offer, while it was hidden from Group B.
  • Users demonstrating moderate or high intent to book were not included in the experiments.

Download the PDF to discover the full story.

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What messages were displayed?



Smart Note displayed on the Home Page


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