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Hotel Reopening Strategies to Engage With Guests Online

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As restrictions have begun to loosen around the world, hotel brands may be starting to see some glimmers of hope as they open their doors to welcome guests again or prepare for reopening. Hospitality as we know it has been transformed and so we have to look for ways to reinvent the experiences we offer and the way we engage with guests.

A great place to start is on your hotel website, a crucial component of the guest journey. Based on best practices from our hotel clients, we've compiled a whole host of ideas about how to personalize the user experience to boost your direct channel during reopening.

The guide covers:

  • Leveraging real-time data to know where to focus your efforts
  • Reassuring website visitors with personalized messages
  • Seeking out opportunities from your domestic market
  • Growing your marketing database
  • Thinking outside the box in hotel marketing

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