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Recovering Direct Bookings in Difficult Times

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In the wake of recent events, hotel bookings around the globe have taken a big hit. Falling under more pressure, hoteliers are looking for ways to minimize loss, but in this unpredictable situation, what courses of action can be taken?

In times of low demand, focusing on your direct booking channel is even more critical than usual. We believe that your hotel website is the ideal place to reassure and engage with visitors when it matters most.

Based on best practices from our hotel clients, we've compiled a series of examples showing how you can personalize the website experience to help capture bookings from existing traffic without investing more in campaigns.

The guide covers:

  • Reassuring website visitors with personalized messages
  • Highlighting flexible rates & cancellation policy
  • Maintaining ADR & average spend
  • Creating opportunities from your domestic market
  • Launching creative campaigns & promotions

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