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Create custom compsets

Benchmark your performance against a hand-picked selection of hotels located anywhere in the world. Individual personalized compsets can be created for each of your properties. 

Pinpoint key dates using Calendar view 

Visualize the daily evolution of your metrics thanks to our new Calendar view. Identify the exact dates when you are under or over performing so you can take action where it matters most. 

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Fine-tune your analysis by geolocation

Understand visitor behavior better by drilling down on your data by region, country, or even city. Use the new insights to focus your efforts and  effectively target the right audience.

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Build your own charts

Cross-filter your direct channel performance to see how different metrics impact one another. View a series of new default graphs or mix and match metrics to create your own! 

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Connect to the BenchDirect API

Enjoy complete flexibility by connecting via API to access your direct channel raw data and enhance your analytics strategy. Your data, you decide! 

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  Benchmarking against THN's pre-set compsets

  Chart and table views

  Country filter

  Data up to 60 days prior




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Everything in BenchDirect free, plus:

  Benchmarking against properties hand-picked by you 

  Calendar view 

  Region and city filters

  Unlimited dates

  Custom Destination compsets

  Analysis by Cluster

  "Build your own charts"

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