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Data is power. Power up your destination.

Our real-time interactive platform is the first benchmarking product for destinations that leverages direct booking data. It enables tourism marketers and destination managers to access unique data analytics so they can compare performance and develop effective destination growth strategies.


Unparalleled data from a global network of hotels 

BenchDirect Destinations analyzes direct booking data from thousands of hotels worldwide, across 30+ direct channel metrics. Breaking down the full online user journey, it provides real-time competitive insights around travel demand and visitor behavior.

Actionable insights to help shape your strategy

Highly visual charts make it easy to compare your destination’s performance to multiple compsets, on a city, regional or country level. Drill down on the data to understand what is driving current market trends and spot golden opportunities for growth.

A powerful analytics tool to grow your destination's market share

Intelligent data enables smarter decisions. Here are just some of the ways you can utilize the learnings from BenchDirect Destinations to empower change and drive growth in your destination.


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Leverage points of differentiation in PR and marketing campaigns to attract more visitors

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Provide your stakeholders with reports highlighting performance results and market trends 

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Enable hotels in your destination to benefit from benchmarking data to grow their direct bookings

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 Know when and where to prioritize change, and adapt your destination's strategy accordingly.

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