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Boosting Direct Booking Conversions by 34%: Metro Hotel Marlow Sydney Central’s Strategy

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Time period: 2.5 months 


increase in booking engine conversion



increase in total web conversion



Hoteliers are always looking for ways to set their properties apart from the rest and incentivize online visitors to book direct. While competitive pricing is crucial, this is only the first step. Complementary actions can be taken to secure guests and significantly increase direct bookings. This is where SafeDirect, travel assistance insurance that drives web conversion, comes in.

After running the campaign on Metro Hotel Marlow Sydney Central’s direct channel for two and a half months, SafeDirect boosted both total conversion and booking engine conversion.

What is SafeDirect?

SafeDirect is a travel assistance insurance that covers expenses arising from any medical eventuality during the stay at your hotel.

Offered as an extra benefit to all users who book on the direct website, it allows you to protect guests and gives you an added value to boost direct bookings. Guests don't have to think about it! By immediately receiving this insurance included with their booking, they realize that your hotel is the best choice.

What messages were displayed?



Smart Note on the homepage

This message was displayed on the homepage to capture the user's attention with the attractive perk. The message reinforced that the hotel is the right choice for the visitor and included a CTA (call to action) that redirected users to the booking engine.



Inliner in the booking engine

Once visitors entered the hotel’s booking engine, an Inliner was displayed to promote the SafeDirect perk: travel assistance insurance included.

The message highlighted the exclusive benefit of booking direct, guiding online visitors deeper into the booking process and providing the final nudge they needed to complete their booking.

Next Steps 

Following Metro Hotel Marlow Sydney Central's impressive results with SafeDirect, Metro Hotels is expanding its implementation across additional properties. The success experienced at Metro Hotel Marlow Sydney Central has highlighted the potential of SafeDirect in enhancing the brand's direct channel performance. The hotel brand aims to replicate and build upon the positive outcomes achieved to elevate guest experiences and drive direct bookings.

Download the PDF to discover the full story.

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