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A standard website is exactly the same for everyone yet every guest is different. Personalize the user experience, tailoring messages and offers to each individual to boost conversion rates.

Through the partnership between Profitroom and The Hotels Network (Voted #1 Direct Booking Tool for 2023 by Hotel Tech Report) you will have all the insights and digital tools you need to attract, engage and convert visitors throughout the online booking journey and grow your direct channel.

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Francesc Zambrana Cabello

"THN offers the perfect tool to engage and connect more closely with future guests. Being able to offer visitors the information they need at each point of the booking process has helped us significantly improve our conversion results."

Francesc Zambrana - Head of Online Marketing

How do our hotel clients achieve direct channel growth?

Direct channel - Benchmark key metrics

Use real-time competitive insights to identify quick wins and opportunities for growth based on your direct channel performance. Such as how to increase your conversion rate for your top source market, increase your desktop website traffic or how to tackle disparities from specific OTAs. 

Personalize your website for each visitor

Create powerful campaigns using intelligent behavioral triggers to automatically display tailored messages and offers that boost conversion rates. Such as showcasing your seasonal offer to those users who have previously interacted with your website, applying a price match offer to display the best available rate.

Benefits of joining THN


>10X Return on Investment


Seamless integration with Profitroom


Extremely fast installation


Ongoing support: from set-up to optimization

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