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With this real-time interactive platform, you can now  uncover unique direct channel analytics to benchmark the performance of your destination compared to competing destinations.



As part of our initiative to help hoteliers face the challenges of lowered occupancy and wavering demand, we've launched a new product feature specially made for you.

Now with the Hotel Voucher feature, you can provide visitors with customized voucher offers directly on your website, generating immediate revenue while giving visitors extra incentive to book with you in the near future.


Leverage these unique insights about your destination


Improve your marketing/PR/media campaigns to attract
more visitors


Provide your stakeholders
with reports highlighting
 results & market trends


Enable all the hotels in your destination to benefit from benchmarking to boost their results


Keep up with your
destination trends and adapt
your revenue strategy

Why have Hotel Vouchers?


Provide visitors the option to buy vouchers at your hotel, to be redeemed later


Offer discounts to encourage customers to purchase the voucher today


Apply targeting and personalization options to ensure engagement with the right visitors


Remove uncertainty for website visitors and generate immediate revenue

A whole host of
direct booking metrics

  • Average length of stay searched
  • Search dates for intended stays & travel party size
  • Location of searchers & when searches are occurring

A powerful analytics tool
for your destination

  • Better understand travel demand and visitor behavior
  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • Make better-informed decisions based on real time data



Key features

Seamless organization & operation

  • Create unlimited vouchers
  • Send guests a code they can apply on future reservations
  • Available in multiple languages & currencies


The way you want them to be

  • Different pricing options
  • Apply any targeting/personalization options
  • Customize the look & feel
  • Define redemption & restriction dates




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